From airport

If you arrive in Stockholm from Arlanda (ARN) you can choose one of three ways:

  1. Taxi 370-500 SEK, just grab one waiting.
  2. “Flygbussarna” a bus, see Then take the subway to “Fridhemsplan” (closest exit from the bus is near the hamburger restaurant “Max” on Vasagatan 7). See details below.
  3. Arlanda express to T-centralen (takes 20 min). Then take the subway to “Fridhemsplan”. See details below

If you arrive in Stockholm from Skavsta, take the bus called “flygbuss”. Then take the subway blue line to “Fridhemsplan”, see subway details below.

If you arrive to Bromma airport, take a taxi or the “Flygbuss” but I recommend taxi since it’s very close. Ask for a fixed price or an approximate price before you go in.


Uber is better inside the city but at the airport grabbing a taxi is faster and cheaper.

It is cheaper to go by taxi to Arlanda than from arlanda. From Arlanda costs ca 500 SEK. To Arlanda costs 370 SEK when you book on for example


My apartment is 230m from the closest subway exit.

The subway station name is “Fridhemsplan”. It has both blue and green line. From t-centralen it takes 2 min with blue and 7 min with green.

If you need help, you can ask people working at SL or call +4686001000

Get more help and info on

First buy a SL card. Then load it with money. You can for example buy a 24 hour ticket, 4 trips for 124 SEK, etc.

From outside building to inside

Address: Kronobergsgatan 20, 112 32 Stockholm.

Google maps:

The code “1741 ok” lets you inside the building. It is valid until 22:00 every day, after that you need the key to come in.

If you need to check-in later than 22:00 please let me know (then you can find my name and click on it – my cell phone will ring and I can let you in).

From inside the building to the apartment

When you are inside the building Take the stairs or elevator to floor 3. Go to the left. The door has my name on it “Jacob Lindberg”.


The first time you enter the apartment you will use a temporary code that I send to you later. You click the little star * then a code then *  again.

Inside the apartment is a red key to my digital lock. You can use this during your stay.

This key let’s you enter the gym, the laundry and the second living room.

Send me a message (airbnb or sms or whatsapp) somewhere between 24h and 12h before your arrival time so that I can create a temporary code for you.

Keys: lock the door

Lock the door when you are outside the apartment by pressing the star *.

Lock the door when you are inside the apartment by turning the knob so a red light appears.

Phone number

My phone number is +46721414152 you can call me for urgent matters. For everything you can wait 2h until a response, please use the airbnb chat. Please send me a SMS or WhatsApp message where you state your name and check-in day. Then I can call you if something is urgent. Also, this functions as a check that you have read this text.

Second living room

To get in here you need the key.

Here you will find a large kitchen, table and TV.

The second living room is both drop-in and bookable. If someone is already in there, please don’t go in there too – Swedish culture does not allow for that.

You can book it for a fee. If you wish to book, please contact me. You can pay me using Swish, PayPal, bank transfer and Bitcoin.


To get in here you need the key.

Machine nr 1-4 is for drop-in so use those. Machine nr 5-8 is bookable for people living here.

Don’t leave your clothes hanging. Bring them up to the apartment when they are done.


To get in here you need the key.

Open 05:00-23:00 every day.

Camera survailance exists due to previous thefts.

Inner court

To get in here you do not need a key, just walk down to it and enjoy the fresh air.


Inside the building is a place called Breakfast and wine “BAWK”


If you like meat, then AG is a must try. It is 50m from the apartment.