Friendly silence retreat


A friendly silence retreat for two days.


In a villa, located in Stockholm. Approx 9 min walk from the subway station, 15 minutes away from T-Centralen.


Saturday 7 Sep and Sunday 8 Sep.


Organized by me and a few friends.  contact any of us if you wish to attend.



10 meet. Tea served.
11 Simon info presentation. Everybody put their phone in a box.
12-18 silence
19 dinner is served for those who wish to stay
21 go home. Leave phone or Sim card here


10 meet. Tea served.
11 to 17 silence. From 16 phones are put on a table, take it with you and leave when you feel like.
Both days a light vegetarian lunch (quinoa salad with feta cheese) is served 13:00 and removed 15:00.
Everybody walks away at their own pace. No talk in the end, you just walk out.


The event is a “friendly” silence retreat as the duration is shorter and the event is organized by friends, for friends.