My workouts: data descriptives

In January 2016, I started filling out a quick form after each workout. My goal is to summarize the key metrics to give me clear pointers — supported by data — on where to improve.


According to my own training logs, how do I exercise?


I use thanks to their nice interface when completing the form. Unfortunately, the data is far from tidy. For example, the answer to a multiple choice question has been recoded into one column per answer, so I have to melt those columns into a categorical variable. For details, see the code.


I have written a python script where I clean the data, and summarize some key metrics — such as (a) distribution of total training time per workout, (b) stretching time per workout, (c) total cardio time per week, and (d) having a 50/50 split between upper/lower strength training.


  1. I train my upper body just as often as my lower body.
  2. I split my training into: cardio, legs, chest, back, and yoga. The leg workouts are longer than the chest workouts.
  3. The time I spend on stretching is too little.
  4. There are too many weeks that I have not done any cardio at all. I should do at least one cardio session per week.


The code, as of 2017-11-12, can be found on Pastebin.

Below I have pasted the code needed to reach those 4 conclusions.

## 1. 

# frequency table
print(df['Daycategory'].value_counts() / df['Daycategory'].count() * 100)
# concl: good split of types

## 2. 

# Hist for legdays
pd.DataFrame.hist(df[df.Legday==True], column='Muscles_time')
plt.title('Muscles_time for Legdays')
# Hist for chestdays
pd.DataFrame.hist(df[df.Chestday==True], column='Muscles_time')
plt.title('Muscles_time for Chestdays')

## 3.

# Stretch_time
# concl: Stretch_time must go up! stretch every session!

## 4.

# Cardio_time and Muscles_time, per week
tbl1 = pd.pivot_table(df, index='Week', 
                      values=['Cardio_time', 'Muscles_time'],

n_days = (df['Datetime'].max() - df['Datetime'].min())
n_days = (n_days / np.timedelta64(1, 'D')).astype(int)
n_weeks = n_days / 7
print(tbl1[tbl1.Cardio_time == 0].Cardio_time.count() / n_weeks * 100)
# concl: too many weeks that I do zero cardio!


In the future, I plan to use the “typeform” package to pull the data directly from the web. Then  I can make the python script publish som key metrics directly on Giving out that link to a few friends will create a public commitment to workout, and ask them to harrass me when I haven’t trained. I can also see my key metrics without having to run the script on my computer.

My workouts: data descriptives